Medical Center Baden-Baden is a new unique clinic for diagnostics and treatment in Baden-Baden. It is a single complex with the new design hotel "Roomers". (Roomers Hotel was recognized as the best hotel of the year in Germany in 2018).

During diagnostics, rehabilitation, weight loss programs, detox and anti-aging at the Medical Center Baden-Baden, you live comfortably in the five-star Roomers Hotel, and you don’t need to go to the different clinics for examination, wasting time, as between your examinations you always have time for breakfast or relaxation in your room.

If you want to undergo diagnostics in Germany, then the best specialists of our clinic in the following areas are at your service:

• Radiology

• Cardiology

• Gastroenterology

• Orthopedics

• Physiotherapy

• Pulmonology and Allergology

• Rheumatology

• Analgesia

• Neurology

• Dentistry

• Interdisciplinary diagnostic center

We offer high quality treatment and subsequent rehabilitation at affordable prices.

An important role for the doctors of the Medical Center Baden-Baden in treatment and diagnosis is played by close interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists in the center, as well as cooperation with university clinics in Germany. Due to this, doctors can, if necessary, right on the spot and without wasting time refer the patient for additional consultation or examination, or for surgery to the best highly specialized clinics, based on the diagnosis.

Our rehabilitation programs, Detox programs, treatment and restoration of the immune system, Burnout program (treatment program for chronic fatigue syndrome) were compiled by the doctors of the medical center according to their long-term experience.

Our doctors are leading specialists with many years of experience working in university centers, specialized clinics in Germany and research centers. The center’s specialists are members of medical unions, have repeatedly been awarded prizes, conduct teaching activities, and take additional advanced training courses.

Upon returning home, your doctor will remain in contact with you and if you have questions about treatment, prescribed medications or a diagnosis, you can always contact and your specialist will answer you in a short time.

There is also a very pleasant feature of the treatment at the Medical Center - its location. It is in the heart of the magnificent Baden-Baden.

Situated in the picturesque valley of the Oos River, surrounded on three sides by the Black Forest, this southern German town looks like a compact world.

And at almost every step - Russian history, directly related to the history of the city itself.

Baden-Baden has another undeniable advantage - the availability of natural mineral springs with a plenty of healing properties.

A variety of opportunities for interesting and culture-related pastime, sports, the real pleasure of exploring the masterpieces of the local art of cooking and the unique taste of Baden wines will not give you any chance for boredom!

Europe's second largest Baden house of festivals, a casino, an urban art gallery, the recently opened Frieder Burda Museum of Contemporary Art with permanent exhibitions of  the masterpieces of Picasso and Jackson Pollock; The unique "green interior" of the Baden-Baden-Lichtenthal alley, rose gardens, romantic ruins of the medieval castles of Hohenbaden and Ebersteinburg are just a few of the sights that create a unique charm to this famous town located in the spurs of the Black Forest.

We will take care not only of your health, but also organize leisure for you and your family. At your service, we will provide qualified medical translators, airport transfers, as well as exciting excursions in the Baden and Black Forest region, as well as in France located in 20 minutes from Baden-Baden, or in Switzerland which is an hour's drive from Baden-Baden. You can combine business with pleasure and give yourself and your loved ones health and good mood by visiting Baden-Baden.

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