Immune System Treatment and Recovery Program

The immune system is our protection against external influences that threaten our health. Immunity fights viruses and bacteria, internal inflammation, helps to destroy degenerated body cells and prevents development of tumors. Unfortunately, it happens that our immune system fails and cannot cope on its own, in this case it is important to contact an experienced specialist in time. Doctors at the Medical Center Baden-Baden developed an individual immune system recovery program for patients.

This treatment combines the elements of Western naturopathy including herbal medicine and modern microelement therapy, the therapeutic concept of individual drips, oxygen and interval hypoxy-hyperoxic therapy.

The program is suitable for patients:

• who experience frequent weakness and fatigue

• constantly vulnerable to colds and viral diseases

• after severe stress

• after prolonged drug treatment or surgery

• with a weakened immune system

More details about treatment methods:

1. Based on the blood test (complete blood count), individual drips sessions are developed: antioxidants, amino acids and other vitamins and micro elements, new energy and valuable nutrients are supplied to cells and the immune system.

2. Interval hypoxy-hyperoxic treatment (IHT)

o The patient inhales alternately air containing 10% oxygen and then air containing 30 - 40% oxygen (normal contents of oxygen in the air is 21%)

o During the therapy, an experienced anesthetist measures and records all vital parameters (ECG, blood oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure, carbon dioxide). This method is much more effective than the automatic IHT cycles offered on the market, as the anesthetist selects the exact parameters.

o Due to oxygen deficiency in the bone marrow, the production of erythrocytes (red blood cells) is stimulated. This leads to improved circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the blood.

o Mitochondria (cell energy generators) are responsible for the production of adenosine tri-phosphate (cell fuel). Over the years, mitochondria are damaged and productivity decreases.

These “bad” mitochondria continue to increase in number, displacing “good” mitochondria.

As result, efficiency decreases, the state of the immune system deteriorates. Due to the reduced amount of oxygen, mitochondria (cell energy generators) are stressed and then die in the increased oxygen phase as result of the additional oxidative stress, which is exacerbated by excess of oxygen. Therefore, bad mitochondria are successively replaced by new healthy mitochondria. Based on improved cell energy supply, the immune system is strengthened

o Altitude training (hypoxic training) simulation

3. Oxygen therapy: about 30 - 40% of ionized oxygen in the air with exercise and magnetotherapy. It stimulates metabolic processes and improves the perception of injections and nutrients.

4. The combination of the three methods of therapy ensures the optimal perception of nutrients by the body and reduces the long-term negative (oxidative) effect of oxygen therapy.

5. The therapy is completed and supplemented by the use of herbal medicine in the form of teas and inhalations of aromatic herbs.

6. The combination Magnetotherapy + Oxygen therapy and Physical vascular therapy with the BEMER apparatus (the procedure improves blood circulation in small vessels. This physical vascular therapy eliminates toxins (decay products) and supplies tissues and organs with nutrients and oxygen)

The program includes:

• 3 sessions of oxygen therapy under stress

• initial medical history and examination at the clinic by a physician, a specialist in orthomolecular medicine, pain management, naturopathy and herbal medicine

• blood test (complete blood count) incl. trace elements and vitamins

• 6-day probiotic course

• individually selected collections of medicinal herbs in the form of tea 3 times a day

• 3 sessions of drips individually selected according to the test results

• individual course of microelements (6 days) with a meal.

• 3 sessions of interval hypoxic-hyperoxic treatment (IHT)

• strengthening the immune system inhalation

• session of magnetotherapy & oxygen therapy and physical vascular therapy with the BEMER apparatus

• a detailed final discussion on the results, follow-up treatment upon returning home

• 2 hours of medical translation

• coordination of the program in Russian

• Duration of the immune system recovery program - 6 working days

Program cost: 2 398€

Accommodation is recommended at the 5-star design hotel Roomers, located in a complex with the Medical Center Special offer! (7 nights) in a room of the Select room category, (it is possible to book a room of a different category for an extra charge).

3-time detox meals at the Moriki restaurant and daily massage or spa treatments at the hotel’s spa.

Cost of 7-night hotel accommodation: 3 853 €

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