Diagnostic program for coronary heart disease

The examination includes:

• Conversation with the doctor, with a further clarification of the anamnesis: the time of the occurence of the disease, the course of the disease, complaints to date, concurrent diseases. Differential diagnostics.

• General check up and clinical examination

• Complete blood count: about 50 blood parameters

• ECG (Electrocardiogram) at rest

• ECG (Electrocardiogram) under stress

• Stress echocardiography of the heart, allows to better recognize violations of the heart walls motion, as well as the volume and direction of blood flow with defects in the heart walls or heart valves.

• Ankle-brachial systolic blood pressure index (ABI)

• Cardiography using color doppler (ultrasound of the heart)

• Volumetric modeling of the heart

• Ultrasound / sonographic examination of the neck blood vessels (stroke prevention)

• The final discussion on the results: Discussion of all the results, recommendations for prevention, developing a treatment plan, issuing a written medical conclusion.

NOTE! Your doctor will keep in touch with you after returning home. This service has been already included in the examination price.

Examination program cost 1800 €

Extra services (not included in the program cost)

• Coronary angiography, including stenting, on an outpatient basis

• Cardiac CT scan, Cardiac MRI scan, Myocardial scintigraphy, Whole- body angiography

• Holter monitoring of the EKG, of the arterial pressure and of the sleep apnea syndrome

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