Comprehensive dental examination

• Comprehensive history and clinical check up

• Imaging and documentation

• Complete examination of teeth, mouth ans jaw

• Functional analysis using the Freecorder device: Complex examination for diagnostics of of the mobility of the temporomandibular joints. Early detection and treatment of the dysfunction are key success factors

• Periodontal examination (early detection of the periodontitis)

• Caries Risk Test

• Viability test

• Diagnosis of focal diseases and focal lesions

• X-ray examination by means of Panorex Radiograph  (two-dimensional radiography of the upper and lower jaw)

• Diagnostics of tooth decay using the DIAGNOcam device: a tooth is examined by means of diascleral transilluminationto detect occlusal, interproximal, carious damages of the filling edge and cracks.

• Complete tooth diagnostics: meridian analysis, the status of the “energy” support and the functional ability of the meridian system is determined.

• Galvanism Diagnostic: Two dissimilar metals in a saliva environment (for example fillings, dental bridges or crowns, dentures or implants) will produce electrical current by galvanic action, and become a battery of sorts. This reaction may contribute to a wide variety of symptoms and deseases like insomnia, loss of appetite, weightlos, a person becomes edgy and irritable. We can detect a flow of current not only between metals of two different potentials but also between alloys of the same type: namely amalgam to amalgam, and gold to gold. There is no risk or harm to the client measuring these currents.

• Detailed consultation on the results of the studies performed and the issue of a written conclusion

Optional diagnostics if necessary:

not included in the price

• Digital smile design: virtual aesthetic planning in 3D including face scanning

• Digital volumetric tomography, three-dimensional tomography method

• Three-dimensional digital imaging of the jaw at significantly reduced radiation doses compared to conventional computed tomography.

• Lymphocyte transformation test: detection of tooth material intolerance.

• TOPAS (TOxicity Prescreening ASsay) test: Quick, painless and reliable test for determination of toxic substances in the teeth

Examination duration:

Cost from 1100 €

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