Diagnostic Center

Check-up is intended to identify a cause-effect relationship of any disease at an early stage to reduce the risk of the desease by 80-90%.

Undergo the diagnostic program at the medical center while staying at the new 5-star Design Hotel. To do this, you don’t need to go to the clinic for examination, wasting time on trips: The Medical Center is located in a complex with the Roomers Hotel, so between examinations you always have time for breakfast or relaxation in your room.

Doctors at the Medical Center Baden-Baden are the leading specialists with many years experience at university centers and specialized clinics in Germany.

An important role in the treatment and diagnosis at the Medical Center Baden-Baden is played by the close interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists at the center, as well as cooperation with university clinics in Germany. Due to this, based on the diagnosis, doctors can immediately refer a patient for additional consultation, examination or for a surgery to the best highly specialized clinics.

Examination cost 2100 €

Additionally, by prescription:

Gastro- and colonoscopy. The program is aimed at early detection of stomach, intestines, esophagus and pancreas cancer.

The examination is carried out while the patient is in a pharmacologically-induced sleep-like state. It includes biopsies followed by histological examination and test for Helicobacter Pylori. 

Summary discussion on the examination results, recommendations on prevention, development of a therapy plan, written opinion of the doctor, recording the examination results on a USB flash drive.

Examination cost 1800 €

If polyps are present, polypectomy is performed. The samples will be sent for histological examination. 

Extra fee from 250 to 450 €

Radiological examination. The aim of the examination is to exclude tumor formation (MRI of the head)

A detailed summary discussion on all examination results. Based on the diagnosis, it is possible to discuss and select the an optimal therapy and get a referral to the clinic. Written conclusion and images are included.

Examination cost 1250 €

Follow-up examination is recommended. 

For Men - Urological Examination 550 €

For Women - Gynecological examination 550 €

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