Dr. med. Andreas Stoldt


• Diagnosis of breast diseases (including breast MRI and mammography screening)

• Radioisotope diagnostics (including the diagnosis of thyroid diseases)

• Cardiovascular diagnosis

• Diagnostic imaging of the musculoskeletal system

• Diagnostic imaging for cancer

• Radiation diagnostics for diseases of the nervous system

• Diagnostic imaging in pediatrics

• Traditional radiography

Academic degree, higher education:

Human medicine studies at Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg

1991-1992 Resident, internal department of the City Clinic in Stockach

1992-2001 Assistant and specialist physician, City Clinic of Pforzheim, Radiology/nuclear medicine department

1997 Specialist exam in diagnostic radiology

1997 Technical qualification in emergency medical service

1999 Nuclear spin tomography—Colloquium

2001-2003 Assistant physician, City Clinic Ludwigshafen Dept./Practice for nuclear medicine

2003 Advanced training PET/SPECT, City Clinic Karlsruhe and the Freiburg University Clinic, Nuclear medicine department, 11/2003 Specialist in nuclear medicine

11/2003 Specialist in nuclear medicine

2004-2006 Registered radiologist in the Landau/Clinic Südliche Weinstraße group practice for radiology and nuclear medicine

2007 Joined the group practice of Radiology Baden-Baden

Scientific degrees

1993 doctorate (Freiburg University)

Department of experimental cardiology: “Hemodynamic effect of amiodaron in the postoperative phase after bypass operations”

Certified diagnostician in the screening program for early breast cancer detection


German Radiological Society (DRG)

German Society for Nuclear Medicine (DGN)

Professional Association of German Radiologists (BDR)

Professional Association of German Radiation Medicine Specialists (BDR)

German Society of Radiation Medicine Specialists of South-West Germany (SWDGN)

Quality Commission "Radiology" and working group "Diagnosis ofBreast Diseases" of the German Radiological Society (DRG)

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